Go where the love is. That is all.

There are times in life when we get knocked down. Get the wind knocked out of us. Knock on a door that doesn’t open. And it hurts, sometimes it hurts a hell of a lot. We hurt because we had expectations of happiness there, in those times. There was supposed to be an elevation in our spirit. And the pain of disappointment is real and sometimes vulgar.

Reflect on these times and search out the patterns. They are there and that you can count on. Basic behavior is reliable whether it is negative or positive.  You can expect a direct result from any interaction if you are conscious of what pattern you are dealing with. And be aware of what you bring to that interaction and what pattern you provide.

The pattern of love weaves itself. It’s uplifting and reliable in its beautiful unreliability. And we want that. Because at the end of the day that high, the highest point you can reach in love, is where we all want to be.

It’s a hug from a friend you haven’t seen in a while. It’s a conversation with someone you know that has just achieved one more step towards their dreams. It’s being acknowledged for good things that you bring to the table. It’s a song that hits you in your soul and makes you get up and dance like no one is watching. It’s looking over and making eye contact with someone that gets you.

Hints of love are everywhere. Big ones and little ones. Take off the negative pattern that lives over your eyes and you’ll see it. If only a glimmer at first, the glow will grow. Be open to it and those that bring it. A little goes a long way. Never be afraid to adjust your blueprint if need be. You are alive and learning. Never stop learning to go where the love is. That is all.

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