Make it Count

I the wake of difficult, life-changing decisions, it’s important to keep things in perspective. I made the call to put my loving kitty, Mimi to sleep last week and sent her to kitty heaven last night. It was such a bittersweet experience, but I know it was the best thing for us. We were incredibly blessed to have her choose us 10 years ago at the Humane Society and I will miss her sassy talk. She greeted me at the door every day after work, she loved to go outside and hunt butterflies, she watched the birds and talked to the squirrels and she was my companion. My sassy princess that loved just being with me and I will miss her.
I’m so blessed to have friends that have been so supportive during this experience and I’m so grateful for all the love! I was able to get a hike in this morning with a dear friend and it meant so much to just be able to talk it out. All of the calls and texts from my amazing circle of peeps just shows that when you give love to those that get love, it comes back to you.
I’m not feeling particularly inspiring today…just a little emotionally spent, but life is about how it all comes together. We mess with the gears of today not knowing what it will affect tomorrow, but trust that if your heart feels good about it you’re exactly where you should be. Today’s mood isn’t defined by how you felt when you woke up. It should change with everything you do, so make it count.

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