Online Dating in my 40s – WTF Am I Thinking

Episode 1 – Where is the effort, Gentlemen?
So, I’ve been back online doing the dating thing for a couple of months now and I’m disappointed in the findings thus far. I just don’t see the effort that one would expect from a guy if he’s interested. If profile “views” are any indication of how much you potentially like either my pics or my witty intro then say “Hi” ffs! Don’t just keep viewing my profile once or twice a day and never say anything. Or worse, never respond to the damn “wink” I sent you. I’m not going to make the next move. Be a man and make a move…or simply move on to a different profile for your viewing pleasure. Yes, I can see how many times you take a peek at my profile without speaking to me and it’s beginning to border on stalker behavior. It’s called a newsfeed and you probably have one too!. 😉
I don’t have a problem making the first move, but c’mon you know exactly what a double standard that can of worms is. Take a wink as interest. Maybe I’m just being sensitive or too presumptive in thinking your multiple views mean something. Hold on, let me check my “Online Dating for Dummies” handbook again…shit…dropped in the garbage again. Oops!
That’s all for today, check back often…who knows when my next harsh judgement will need to be written for all the world to see. *wink*

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