At Long Last – The New Chapter

I started working with my awesome Fibromyalgia Mentor, Jen Bro, a couple of years ago. She has been instrumental in many of my “ah-ha” moments during my search for healing answers. The most recent being about six months ago. I was depressed, my body ached (so much more than normal), my soul was tired. I had a very hard time doing my job and being able to maintain my social life. I just wanted to curl up in a corner and ride out the darkness. This, I learned, is the Dark Night of the Soul and this is what happens when your soul is growing into a new place. Old thought patterns and defenses are falling away and new thought patterns are taking their place. Her guidance helped me realize that this was not a time that I should run from. I needed to embrace the shift by understanding that it meant that I was growing into my authentic self. Which has always been a struggle for me, since childhood. Coming out on the other side of the Dark Night, I felt scared and excited all at once. Suddenly, the life I had built for myself didn’t fit me anymore. All of the material things I acquired didn’t have the same meaning to me. The dreams I had for myself are now goals, things I am drawn to immerse myself in, from my heart. And so the quantum shift kept moving, bringing me to a place of oneness with myself. I finally felt that my dreams were not only important, but achievable.

Yesterday marked the end of an era, I ended a 16 and a half year relationship with my job. Outside of family, the longest relationship I’ve ever had. I’m so at peace with the decision. The energetic guidance I receive through daily meditation and yoga have become the fuel for my authenticity. So many unconscious blocks from a treacherous childhood and poor survival techniques as an adult are falling away. A higher vibration takes their place and I feel like ME!  ME…the girl I never knew. My skin fits better and I am incredibly happy.

So, all of this means that big moves are happening in my life. My house has sold, I am moving to Colorado with the love of my life (@cody.wombold)! We are going to travel the states together (#nomad #buslife) sharing our artistic expressions. I have so much gratitude for the years I spent in corporate America, for all of the business skills I’ve learned, and all of the amazing people I’ve met. As for now, I will write. I have always been drawn to the poetry of words and I will be sharing with you more consistently. It is my passion and now holds space with more importance than ever. The new chapter is well underway and I’ll be sharing with you the details of our journey. It is so exciting and I hope you will enjoy it with us!!

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