We In Colorado, Yo

I can’t believe we’ve already been here for a month. The time has flown by and it’s been exciting and challenging. Acclimating to so many things at once has proven to be physically and emotionally exhausting. Going from a 1,000 ish square feet to around 200 ish is an interesting adjustment. Tiny living is what we’re shooting for, so it is a great trial run. We’re learning tiny kitchen meals and we coordinate our use of certain spaces so we can both create in close proximity. I’m amazed all the time by how easily we communicate and compromise. We wouldn’t be able to do the tiny life without those.

The view here is so amazing. I feel so grateful to have the opportunity to experience this part of the country. Trinidad is a sleepy little town, its very laid back. We’ve had a couple of nighttime snows this week and the town just goes quiet. Snow here is usually gone within 24 hours. The sun comes out and I’m able to recharge my solar-powered self. There is no shortage of Vitamin D. Our local restaurant meals have all been legit. Tasty morsels at family owned establishments make my heart happy.

My Fibromyalgia has been a pain in the ass, but since I’m affected by weather and extreme temp changes, its understandable. I’m practicing patience with my physical capabilities because they’re not where I’d like them to be. It takes time to improve my body’s health and I struggle with not knowing how I’ll feel from day to day. Acceptance of all the Fibro things is still something I’m learning. I’m not very patient with myself some days. I’m grateful for a great partner who gives me the space to learn and practice my self care. His support has been life-altering.

So, we’re working on some great business ideas and letting a plan unfold as it may. There’s so much opportunity for Cody artistically here and that is exciting. We’re settling into the town and our new space and having so much fun doing it. Challenges will always be around, but having faith in each other and our individual and partnership goals has had an exhilarating effect on life in general. We’re doing this shit! My life has gone from corporate gig and homeowner to letting what I want to do with my life be my fuel. The ride is amazing and we never do anything without making it an adventure.  I’m so excited to share more as things develop, but for now, we’re doing great and loving every minute.

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