Ophelia’s Home

Hey, Tribe! I’ve been horrible at keeping people updated with ALL the things going on with Cody and I, so a little rundown is so necessary. Ready? Here goes…

We pulled the trigger on an awesome 22 ft. tow-behind travel trailer to live in and travel in. The seller is this awesome chick from the Denver area who actually drove the 3-plus hours to deliver it to us here in Trinidad. Our first challenge came on delivery day, when it rained…all day…in the desert. And, of course, it was cold too. Our goal was to be able to back the trailer up an inclined and narrow driveway, with a turn at the top, and post up our new tiny home on the driveway flat. We’re so grateful for the driving skills of the seller, now a pretty good friend of ours, but because of space restrictions she was only able to get Ophelia (our tiny home’s name) turned towards, but not on the driveway flat. We had to call it where she was and try to stabilize her the best we could until we found a solution to get her moved back about 15 ft.


There are some definite perks to living in a small town because we were able to network and find a guy with a backhoe, a crew and the time to relocate Ophelia to her new home for the next few months.


Cody set to work getting her leveled out only to find that one of the rear scissor jacks was damaged in the delivery and would not support her. So, for about a week she was held up on the back corner with 1.5 ton jack and some concrete pavers until we got the replacement part. That part is all fixed and now we are faced with tank issues. But it’s really all good. There are bumps in the road, and sometimes roadblocks, but we’re never beaten. We just step back, adjust, and look around for opportunities.

This is all new to us so we’re learning as we go, which carries it’s own challenges. But, that’s really the cool thing about how we’re choosing to live our lives. We want to have adventures around the country, so we’re learning all about tiny living. We decided last year that this is what we want to do, and we’re doing it. One day at a time,  one project at a time and it works for us. Living in a 22 ft. camper is really tiny living. We’ve been able to find a place for all of the things we’ll need on the daily and we coordinate with each other. Who will be using which space and what kind of time frame they need. It’s really a beautiful thing.

We’re looking into our next stop right now, planning is underway. Trinidad has been a rad little town, and it has treated us well, but we’re ready to look for some gigs elsewhere. Have I mentioned, I love our life…and our tiny kitchen?!


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