Back to Basics

“Set your life on fire. Seek those who fan your flames!”


I’m in a season of major change. I’m seeing how connected everything is. How things flow when I let them flow. I’ve stepped out of my own way. I see the vision of what life is calling me to. The things that light my soul on fire.

The biggest flame is writing, I’ve been in love with words from way back in Junior High. And fonts! Don’t get me started on fonts! ♥ I wrote poetry all the time and filled journals with stories. In High School stuff happened and writing wasn’t a safe place for me anymore. I stopped writing all together and didn’t start again until a few years ago and it hasn’t been the same. It wasn’t the outlet it used to be and words didn’t flow the way they used to. I’d lost my confidence and fear of judgement has had me shackled. Fatigue and brain fog are roadblocks I’m just going to climb on over, because I refuse to stay stuck any longer and that means working through the inconveniences. And some days it is work! I mean, when you have more blog drafts than posts, something needs to change.

So, that means there’s new things coming to the blog! Big changes for me means big changes to the content and format. I’m ready to get back to my hearts passion, so I’ll be sending out weekly posts and starting conversations around some pretty amazing and sometimes heavy things. I hope you’ll be part of the conversation! Also, feel free to subscribe to my blog if you want to receive my weekly post email. I don’t always post a new link on Instagram and you don’t want to miss anything!

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