Stay Vigilante

Supporting societies need for change without forgetting to take care of yourself.

I’ve been struggling to finish this week’s blog. We’re moving after being in Oklahoma for 10 months and I want to share our plans and challenges with you, but that will have to wait until next week. This week my heart is being pulled to talk to you about everything that is going on in our country right now and how important it is for us to take extra care of ourselves when things are so tumultuous.

Be kind to each other!

I experienced racism and discrimination when I lived in Northern California in the ’90’s, as a blond, white, young woman living in predominately Black and Hispanic neighborhoods. It’s an awful feeling to be judged by the color of your skin and have things thrown at you and slurs screamed at you. But, I know what I experienced can’t even compare to what minorities have lived with for generations. I’m know that my struggles don’t hold a candle to what some ethnicities have known for hundreds of years. My heart hurts for them. What is now and has been happening in black communities for so long is heart-wrenching. I believe Black Lives Matter is an important movement. I believe in what they are doing out there. What is triggering me is how much people are pushing their own perceptions down the throats of others. My Facebook timeline is filled with the “Black Lives Matter! No, All Lives Matter” argument. Why the hell are we arguing about this? It’s missing the point completely. The goal is to unite and support those who are oppressed, not deepen the divide by arguing semantics. I’ll never understand why we can’t all just be kind to each other.

Click image for Anti-Racism Resources
Take care of yourself!

I’ve been doing really well for a while now, pacing myself and knowing when it is time to call it a day. My sleep has improved and I’ve been waking up feeling recharged. I found myself sliding into the familiar pains and fatigue this week and I can tie it directly to my state of mind. I’m feeling exhaustion on emotional and energetic levels. I realized last night that I am experiencing overwhelm by the violence, hatred, negativity, and judgement all over the news feeds, timelines and airwaves. While I know this is a huge opportunity for us to change as a nation, it’s important to be aware of my exposure. Seeing how people are judging each other for how they are dealing with current events, telling each other “you’re doing it wrong!”, is making my soul so tired. For this reason I have to be mindful of how much time I’m spending on social media and this week I’ve been allowing myself to get sucked down the rabbit hole. It’s just too much! It’s time for me to regroup and remember that I am part of the collective consciousness. I am responsible for the energy I’m putting out into the universe. It’s important for me to not allow myself to be overrun by the negativity, but instead raise my vibration of positivity, and that starts by taking care of myself. This is an opportunity for major change in our country and we should all care and participate in whatever way works for us. The key is finding a balance between activism and our own mental health. So, do what you feel is right in your heart without regard to those who will judge and do so within reason of your own physical and mental boundaries. We’re no good to the collective if we’re making ourselves sick with worry, anxiety and depression. Stay vigilante for the collective and yourself! 🕉

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