Set Goals / Smash Goals

How I made it through a week of travel and didn’t end in a #FibroFlare!

The trip was long and it was a grind. We got to Vegas last Sunday and I succeeded in my goal of not arriving in Vegas broken. WOO HOO! I have always put my health on hold while traveling. I would just push through and pick up the pieces later. We have a busy few weeks, there’s lots to do to get settled in and I just don’t have time for days where I can’t get out of bed. Ignoring my health was a bad habit that I formed long, thinking I was protecting myself from falling apart. When really, I was choosing to focus on my anxiety and physical limitations, especially while traveling. This time, I didn’t want to stop the forward momentum I’ve had with my holistic healing in recent months, so I set a goal to not end up unable to get out of bed when I got here, or anywhere along the way.

I made the decision in May and spent the next month or so preparing myself on all levels. I knew everything I needed to be doing to take care of my body and I needed to do it every day, I needed to bring it all together. A health and self care routine is exactly that, a routine. I implemented them very purposely and with the intention that these actions meet my deepest needs and will keep me from falling back into old physical and mental coping patterns. So, I dug deep and asked myself what I really needed to do to be successful. I knew I needed to fully support myself emotionally, chemically and physically. And I made my diet, journaling, meditation and yoga a part of every day. 100% can’t miss responsibilities to myself. After all, I deserve love from myself. Every. Single. Day!

Emotional Health

I actually noticed on the trip that when my anxiety would come in wanting to take over my brain and body I wasn’t interested in engaging with it and at the same time felt guilty for not feeling it. As though I have a responsibility to keep the catastrophic thoughts alive. Like, there would be disappointment if I didn’t give into it. What a weird, strange feeling. Then a voice in my head says, “You don’t owe anyone anxiousness. The positive outcome of no situation hinges on spending time worrying about it.” In fact, I know that engaging with that energy and way of thinking takes me to a lower vibration and steals time I could be spending engaging with my environment. I chose to be present. Embracing the excitement of what we’re undertaking and in doing so was able to be in whatever moment as my best self. I managed my anxiety well. Being present meant that I could catch the random thoughts and physical responses before things snowballed into a melt down. I allowed myself to relax in the evenings after driving. Laughing with and eating a good meal with CW and talking over the events of the day and not worrying. I could hardly believe that we were on a long travel journey and I wasn’t burning myself out and I was sleeping well at night. I was waking up feeling ready for the day because I let my muscles and brain relax the night before. Recharging isn’t possible if I’m still burning calories in an anxious and overthinking state. Doing Morning Pages every morning and meditating to set an intention for the day really started my days off on the right foot. I was able to let go of whatever was working me the day before and any emotions that may have been left over from my dreams. I wasn’t locked into a set emotional pattern, I had the power to change my emotional state whenever I needed to, and I did.

Chemical Health

I’ve put a lot of focus on my diet since last October, trying to figure out how to heal my gut without prescriptions or expensive testing. And I’ve had some amazing success. A lot of research, consulting professionals for guidance, and committing to the process of healing my gut in order to heal my body and mind. Once I discovered that I have sensitivities to certain foods and those foods cause me physical pain, anxiety and brain fog, how could I ever want to do that to myself on purpose again. I like being able to move and do projects and tasks and I like using my brain to figure out the puzzles of life and I like not feeling like an anxious wreck with out of control emotions. Eliminating gluten, dairy, sugar, caffeine, starch and refined carbs has helped my body function better than it has in years. Sticking to my dietary restrictions and taking my supplements kept me on my healing schedule and was key to making the journey better for me chemically.

Physical Health

Along with my diet helping me manage my physical health, Yoga kept me moving. After my journaling and meditation every morning, I did yoga. Most mornings I did a quick 15-ish minute gentle morning stretch. Enough to get some blood flowing to the parts of my body that were sore. And get my range of motion going. Having gotten back into my yoga practice a few months ago, I’ve gotten to a place where I feel rejuvenated and relaxed after yoga. Such a change from the days, not to long ago, where doing yoga would wipe me out. I’m happy that my body is enjoying the love that yoga brings. If you’re new to doing yoga with chronic pain check out Yoga for Fibromyalgia on Facebook. She has an amazing outlook on living with and healing Fibro and offers gentle yoga videos there and on YouTube. I’ve gotten to the point that I really enjoy doing Yin Yoga in the evenings before bed. It helps my sleep as I’ve stretched out some of the pain areas from the day’s activities.

Thank you, Ophelia!

We thought a lot about how the trip to Vegas would be the last time we cruise though the SW I-40 corridor with our life in tow. We’ve lived in ‘ol girl for two years. Our entire lives are in there. Now her role is changing to a vacation vehicle and we’re both excited, sad and incredibly grateful. We had a dream three years ago to live life on the road and we made it happen. We had a lot of trials, errors and ups and downs, but we have grown so much as individuals and as a couple that we wouldn’t trade any of it. We’ll be moving into our new space mid-week and it’s so exciting to think of all the things we’ll be able to accomplish in a bigger space and with all of our friends and family so close by. So, this week we’ve been getting Ophelia ready for storage. A lot of packing and cleaning and emotions. So much gratitude for all that we’ve been able to learn over the time we spent living tiny. I know I’m coming out of it a better person that when I started. And I’m taking everything I’ve learned with me into the next chapter. I am forever grateful to have experienced life the way we did!

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