Down with Pharmaceuticals

This is what my morning handful of medication looks like these days. Not one prescription in there. I've been working on this for two years! Includes: 4K Omegas SamE Fibro Freedom B Complex L-Glutamine Probiotic Some ibuprofen for my weather related pain today Elderberry gummy I've got two remaining scripts that I still need. One … Continue reading Down with Pharmaceuticals

At Long Last – The New Chapter

I started working with my awesome Fibromyalgia Mentor, Jen Bro, a couple of years ago. She has been instrumental in many of my "ah-ha" moments during my search for healing answers. The most recent being about six months ago. I was depressed, my body ached (so much more than normal), my soul was tired. I … Continue reading At Long Last – The New Chapter

Online Dating in my 40s – WTF Am I Thinking

Episode 1 - Where is the effort, Gentlemen? So, I've been back online doing the dating thing for a couple of months now and I'm disappointed in the findings thus far. I just don't see the effort that one would expect from a guy if he's interested. If profile "views" are any indication of how … Continue reading Online Dating in my 40s – WTF Am I Thinking