Spiritual Maintenance

Getting busy healing myself from the inside out. As an HSP person, I have a duty to my overall well-being to take care of how I receive and process all the stimuli that surrounds me. Keeping my energy balanced is a big part of that.

My Journal – August 2015

A big part of how I take care of myself is taking care of my energy centers, my chakras. I believe that we hold trauma in our bodies and it manifests into pain and dis-ease. Years of abuse, neglect and abandonment have left my body and spirit broken. I have the power to heal my trauma by releasing experiences that trigger a painful response in my body. This can be done using Reiki and Chakra Cleansing and Tuning. Using a mindfulness approach to daily stimuli also serves to ease my traumatic stress responses. I also use essential oils on my pressure points, in pendants that I wear and I diffuse them too.

What are Chakras?

Chakras are energy centers that live along the spine. There are 7 chakras that benefit specific organs within the body, as well as physical, emotional, psychological, and spiritual states of being.

A chart like this can be helpful in figuring out where I have a block. I typically focus on whatever Chakra is nearest my biggest physical pain or whichever one sums up my emotional and psychological state. By meditating, either through guided meditation or listening to Chakra music, I can release trauma and toxic energy cords that serve to keep me sick. I like Meditative Mind for Solfeggio tones to meditate on my own, and Power Thoughts Club for good Chakra based guided meditations.

Essential Oils

Raven Apothecary – @moniqueduvair928

I get all my essential oils from Monique at Raven Apothecary. She is the real deal, making her own oil blends for her customer’s individual needs. She is respectful and discreet and will share any educational materials she has if you are interested in learning more. She doesn’t just talk the talk, she walks the walk. “For the past 10 years, I’ve been making all my own soaps/lotions/shampoos/deodorant…you name it. I can’t do the chemicals and the fragrances.”

I use a “Trauma” blend that I diffuse or wear anytime I’m feeling anxious, overwhelmed or triggered. Coupled with mindfulness and relaxation techniques, it is such a healing blend. Check out her page and send her a message if you’re interested in targeted healing through essential oils and other products. ❤